“Had a wonderful time and leaving with a load that has been lifted – very grateful and happy.”
Ingrid, Pakenham, Victoria Australia

“Thank you Judy-Ann for some fantastic advice.
There were many that that made sense to me and our
meeting has given me some things to think about.
I feel very enlightened and excited.”

Natalie, Healesville Australia

“Judy was very insightful and knowledgeable. I will take on board all of her advice
and see where the world takes me! Thank you.”

Sinead, Berwick, Australia

My time with Judy was eye-opening and very true.
She hit the nail on the head with me. …Thank you Judy-Ann

Raeleen, Yarra Junction, Australia

Judy-Ann was very enjoyable giving me
a good insight of my past and present life.
Hearing some issues that I’ve know that
I need to deal with, I can now stop
and think of what is best for me.

Debbie, Croydon, Australia

Thank you kindly Judy-Ann, was a fabulous experience. Will be back to see you again.

Blair, Seville, Australia

Thank you very Judy-Ann, very helpful, everything. Love you. True.
Betty, Mornington, Australia

Wonderful & inspiring.
Penny, Narre Warren, Australia

Thanks so much for your insight and advice.
David, Druin, Austalia

Thank you for your insight & wisdom and all your love,
Mark, Springvale, Australia.

Felt relief both physically & spiritually.

Heidi, Emerald, Australia

Was amazed at the stuff that was told. Thank you.
Flora, Dandenong, Australia.

Walking in with an open mind and walked out away with a world of wisdom. It was fun, interesting and very honest.
I look forward to meeting with Judy-Ann once again.
How inspiring.

Anastasia, Wheelers Hill, Australia

Thanks for turning the light on.
Tanya, Cranbourne, Australia

That was so helpful and amazing! Thank you
Erich, Conductor from Austria

Wonderful reading. Thank you,
Julie, Yokine, Western Australia

Thank you Judy, very inspiring.
Tammy, Narre Warren, Australia

Healing energy here & it is great to be in it.
Peter, Kilmore, Australia

Thanks for assisting me and make a choice of a new chapter in my life.
Kader, Dallas, Australia

Thank you so much all your help. This is a new journey for me!
Michelle, New York, New York, USA

Scary how right you are!!!
Sandi, Lynbrook Heights, Australia

I first saw Judy-Ann in 2001 and having been consulting her regularly over the last 8 years.

At my first consult, Judy-Ann predicted that I would meet my partner within 6 months and she described my partner in astonishingly accurate detail. She said my partner has a strong connection with water (lives near water or grew up around water), has a country connection but has lived in the city and that my partner has green eyes.
All this turned out to be true – I did meet my green-eyed partner within 6 months and my partner did grow up around a lot of water, has to live close to the water and comes from the country.

Since then, I have sought extensive career consultations from Judy-Ann. In 2008, I was very disheartened at my new workplace. I felt isolated and under utilized. Judy-Ann told me not to worry because a new colleague, a male, would be joining my team and he would be a friend and ally. She said my new workmate would be starting in March. True enough, two months later, a new guy started working in my team in April (but he was offered the job in March) and he was a nice friend and companion to me during a very lonely time.

Judy-Ann also told me not to worry because my boss would see my “talents”. Nine months later, at my performance review, my boss said to me that I had “talent”. I was gob-smacked by my boss using the word “talent” because it was exactly Judy-Ann’s words. Judy-Ann also told me about ten months before it happened that my company was going to be merged or taken over by another company before Christmas. She was spot on again. She also reassured me that my job was safe and when given a range of names, she correctly picked out the ones who were going to be retrenched.

I recently consulted Judy-Ann about a house purchase. She had advised me against buying a townhouse and not to worry, another more suitable one with better potential was around the corner. She advised me to look at houses which had failed at the auction. Against her advice, I initially proceeded with the townhouse but eventually withdrew when the vendor was stuffing us around with the legal documents. And true enough, another better purchase came along soon after and the house we found, indeed, had failed at the auction and we secured a good price.
Sharon, South Yarra, Victoria.