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Credit Debt Removed

“I had a serious medical condition which required me to go to
hospital often which meant I was not able to work often and went in to arrears with my credit card.
Thanks to Judy-Ann she was able to arrange for my debt to be wiped off. In all over many thousands of dollars were involved and didn’t lose my credit rating.”
Chris from Yarra Junction, Victoria

Major Manufacturing Computer Giant Replaces Computer

‘I had a laptop with the same recurring problem which I had to take back several times to be fixed. Each time this interrupted my business, as I used my laptop for my business. Each time the laptop took 6 to 8 weeks to fix.
I finally asked Judy-Ann for help. As the type of laptop was superseded, Judy-Ann secured for me a brand new state of the art laptop which was double the price of the previous model to make up for my continual runaround.
They delivered it to my door. Judy-Ann made it all happen within 10 days.”
Gary Dahms, Mt Newman.