• Judy-Ann Steed uses her unique abilities to make your Corporate Function, Event or Seminar a memorable occasion.

  • As a Clairvoyant, Palmist and alternative healer for the past 25 years, Judy-Ann has had feature articles written about her, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and appeared on TV Channels 7, 9, and 10.

  • Judy-Ann has spent most of her corporate working life in journalism and public relations, working as a television interviewer in a Queensland ‘Current Affair’ type program and Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute.

  • It is not uncommon for Judy-Ann to be given an assignment at a corporate function or other event for two hours but ending up anywhere from four to six hours later, at the host’s request.

  • At one leading Melbourne night-time television producers’ private Christmas function for 200 people, the hosts asked her to stay on. The queued guests were determined not leave till they’ d seen Judy-Ann.

  • Even though there was special entertainment brought in for the occasion, the hosts insisted Judy-Ann was the hit of the night.


  • Clients regularly see Judy-Ann’s helpful advice for business and personal matters.

  • Having the power of ‘healing hands’ enables Judy-Ann to use this skill often. She has been known to soften scar tissue, to de-traumatise the cells of injured parts of the body, straighten crooked fingers, eyes and even give back feeling to old injuries.

  • Judy-Ann is also known in media and arts circles, as a Broadcast Journalist for a local Melbourne radio station 3mdr 97.1fm, based in Emerald, presenting a current events interview program, spliced with film, restaurant, food and music reviews. Thursdays nine till 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.
  • Phone readings or email readings by appointment
  • Corporate Functions arranged
  • Phone: Melbourne, Australia on 0418 374 776




Bowen Therapy

Helps the body to heal itself by working gently with a rolling motion across the muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments,
which brings the cells back balance.

It works on the physical, mental and chemical needs of the person having the treatment.

Judy-Ann has worked on babies as young as three weeks, three and six months old, all treated with remarkable results.

For example: Judy-Ann looked at this six month rag doll baby
with no muscle tone in the neck. So working with just the little finger Judy-Ann was able to bring about such a change that
the baby was able to sit upright by the end of the treatment
and back to normal movement of not just the neck by the whole body.

One particular case Judy-Ann saw a lady in her 80's who played a musical instrument in a band but could not use her arm to play properly after a fall. One treatment and she was able to go back to playing. Judy-Ann has also been able to bring relief to people such as Tradesman who do repetitive work especially in the neck and shoulder area.

Bowen Therapy for Animals
Judy-Ann also treats horses, dogs and other small animals.

For both Readings and Bowen Therapy: Contact Judy-Ann on her mobile: 0418 374 776